Our Approach

Your success is our mandate

To outsource your brokerage operations is a significant decision. We understand this. Our approach is to carefully listen to your needs and follow a proven process with complete transparency to help you achieve your objectives with confidence.

Your Confidentiality Assured

Given the nature of our services, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We respect your privacy, always. At the beginning of our engagement, we’ll ask you to review and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Open and Honest Communication

Communication is at the heart of our processes and is fundamental to a successful partnership.  At the onset, we’ll ask several questions to gain a complete understanding of your business. We’ll discuss your short and long-term goals and the challenges you face so that we have the information needed to help you succeed. With 100% visibility into our operations, you’ll always know exactly where things stand.


We use tried and tested methods to manage your business. Our onboarding process has been refined to be as efficient as possible. Although we are experts at managing the day-to-day, we also have a keen eye on the bigger picture to identify strategic opportunities to add value and support your growth ongoing.

Solving Problems

This is where our experience shines! Our years of experience allow us to anticipate problems before they arise and avoid obstacles by being diligent in our processes. However, when issues do arise, we’re just as rigorous at resolving them to mitigate the business impact.


We are committed to ensuring you have an efficient brokerage operation that you can be proud of. We’ll also provide valuable tools that will scale with your business for years to come. Our goal is to create long-lasting success together. See examples of customer success.

Ready to grow?

Properly managed accounting and operations provides the clarity needed to achieve success.

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“RealServus feels like a white-glove service as they take away the tedious heavy lifting of deal processing and allow us to focus on the real growth of the business.”
Broker-Owner who grew agent count by 340% in 9 months since becoming a client.