Compliance Oversight

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It’s not easy to keep pace with all the industry and government regulations your brokerage needs to comply with to mitigate risk. Not only is the volume of data that Broker-Owners manage increasing exponentially, but the complexity of regulations is also growing. And failing to comply with ever-evolving policies can potentially lead to costly fines and lawsuits.

By moving compliance oversight and support to RealServus, you’ll keep up with evolving regulations, achieve compliance, manage risk, and drive sustainable growth. From standard matters to complex compliance inquiries, we’re here to help.
Move from reactive to strategic with RealServus
A brokerage back office is like an engine – the business cannot run efficiently without it being well-cared for. If managed properly, it powers your entire brokerage and helps drive efficiency and profitability to move your business forward.

With RealServus, we’ll manage all of your accounting & bookkeeping so you can spend less time working IN your business and more time working ON your business. Stop tasks and documents from falling through the cracks. We’ll take care of the following:
Trust Account
Commission Trust
General Account Reconciliation
Issuing T4As To Agents
Filing T4A Summary With The CRA
Achieve Compliance

Complete reviews on time, deliver accurate reporting that meets regulatory requirements and improve process efficiency.

Drive Strategic Growth

Free resources to focus on achieving strategic objectives with the support of standardized, optimized, transparent, and compliant operations.

Manage Risk

Reduce the risk of fines and avoid the potential for reputation damage.

Your time is valuable. Spend it on achieving your goals instead of paperwork

LoneWolf Back Office

We use the advanced technology of LoneWolf Technologies’ Back Office to support our back office service. LoneWolf is real estate's leading end-to-end technology provider supporting brokers and agents. RealServus customers enjoy preferred pricing on LoneWolf’s Broker Cloud products, including: Accounting & Financial Records and Automated Commission Calculations.

Transaction Compliance

We ensure that all deal documents are complete and the commission split for agent and brokerage are calculated correctly on the Trade Sheet for agents to review. All invoices are sent out to the lawyers and cooperating brokerages in a timely manner. All transactions are closed promptly with the client’s agent being paid.

RECO Compliance

We know the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) guidelines and are trained to identify which documents are required to complete a deal package. We ensure all bank accounts are reconciled up to date to stay compliant with RECO. We also assist with RECO inspections and lead the entire process with the RECO inspector.

FINTRAC Compliance

We stay on top of all Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) legislation updates and train our administrators on each change made. In the event of a FINTRAC audit, we’ll assist with the entire FINTRAC audit process with the auditors.

CRA Audit Support

Our Administrators have a strong accounting background ensuring all CRA filings are remitted in a timely manner and year-end filings are completed by the due date. We also assist clients with audits in payroll and HST/tax to ensure they adhere to the government obligations.

Broker of Record Support

With extensive real estate experience, we have the knowledge to support the Broker of Record and provide guidance in dealing with agent issues and complaints from other brokerages and regulatory bodies.
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