Agent Administration

We'll take good care of your agents

As a Broker-Owner’s most valuable asset, recruiting and retaining agents is a top priority. It takes a significant and continuous effort to attract top talent, keep them engaged and seeing all the value you offer.

The repetitive cycle of onboarding and offboarding agents and managing agent issues that inevitably arise is time-consuming. As an ambitious business owner, all the hours spent in agent administration could be better spent elsewhere.

With RealServus, we manage all of your agent administration on your behalf - from updating agent profiles to logging join date details, payroll details, licensing details, commission split set up, and more. We have the experience and expertise to do so efficiently and effectively.
Agent Management
We’ll help you organize and manage your agents, such as setting up monthly billing, managing monthly payments, and sending out monthly agent expense statements. We’ll also provide helpful reports such as:
  • Agent earnings history report
  • Closed transactions report
  • Pending transactions report
Upon request, we can also provide a written Transaction Report, Agent Productivity Report, Agent employment letters, and more.
Agent Setup
As a seamless extension of your business, we will help set up new agents quickly, including:
  • Agent contact info.
  • HST and SIN for issuing T4As
  • Agent split set up
  • Agent banking info. to EFT
  • Commission payments
  • and much more!
We’ll help you leave a good impression with new hires from the onset.
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