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The front office of a real estate brokerage is a critical part of the business. It’s also the area of business that gets exponentially busier as the brokerage grows. The more listings you have, the more bookings, approvals, and confirmations there are to manage.

With RealServus, we take the headache out of scheduling showings, registering offers, and all related administrative tasks so that you can focus on growth. With decades of industry experience, we have the expertise necessary to oversee the entire brokerage front office while streamlining your operations and providing exceptional customer service.
Be free of the front office workload
Empower agents to be more productive
Elevate the client experience


We use the advanced technology of ShowingTime to support our front office service. ShowingTime is the residential real estate industry's leading showing management and market statistics technology provider. RealServus customers enjoy preferred pricing on ShowingTime’s suite of Broker products (subject to change):

  • ShowingTime Front Desk
  • ShowingTime Appointment Center
  • ShowingTime Lead Calculator
  • ShowingTime Live Connect
  • ShowingTime MarketView
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Showing scheduling and management

ShowingTime Front Desk helps Broker-Owners manage their office(s) more efficiently. It also allows agents to track listing activity, collect feedback and keep sellers informed.
Easy Scheduling

Requesting, confirming, and managing showing requests made simple.

Detailed Reports

Generate in-depth reports to keep track of agent, office, and listing activity.

Lead Management

Track prospects, organize lead info. and gauge advertising effectiveness.

Mobile App

Schedule and confirm showings and manage feedback while on the go.

Automated Feedback

Feedback is automatically requested after each showing with up to 10 follow-ups.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access web-based software via desktop, tablet, or mobile app 24/7/365.

Efficient, personal showing service

ShowingTime Appointment Center provides Broker-Owners with added value and greater efficiency. Agents enjoy having a professional showing service, efficient scheduling, and higher feedback response rates.
Available 24/7

Appointment specialists are available around the clock to handle your scheduling needs and act as your personal assistant.

One Call, No Phone Tag

No more back-and-forth with listing agents; make one call to schedule multiple showings.

Easy Scheduling

Provide the address or listing ID and times you’d like to show; our team handles the rest.

Capture prospects and deliver leads

ShowingTime Lead Coordinator provides Broker-Owners with a fast, efficient, and professional means to keep prospects organized and agents informed.
Format Options

Prospect details are delivered via email and/or text. Buyer info is available online or via FTP.

Best Channels

Discover which channels provide the highest ROI.

On-Brand Call Response

Inbound calls are answered with your office name within seconds, seven days a week

Live call answering service
with real-time message delivery

ShowingTime Live Connect allows us to answer calls and deliver messages via text, email, and push notifications seamlessly as though we’re sitting in your office.
24/7 Live Answer

Live specialists answer all of your calls around the clock 24/7.

Message Delivery Options

Messages delivered by text, email, and mobile app notification.

Message Log

Quickly pull a log of all messages and easily resend a message.

Elevate your place in the market

ShowingTime MarketView provides Broker-Owners with the ability to identify talent and analyze the market to advance the business.
Opportunity Discovery

Find top agents and areas that offer the best opportunity to help grow your business.

Recruit Insights

Determine the right fit when recruiting agents based on their sales trends and history.

Market Analysis

Measure your market share versus competitors in any location and/or market segment.

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