Answers to Common Questions

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01. Onboarding

How long does it take to set up a real estate brokerage?

Our onboarding process has been fine-tuned to be as efficient as possible. The length of time it takes differs between new brokerages and transferring brokerages. Transferring brokerages take up to one week to set up, whereas new brokerages can take four to six weeks. 

02. Privacy

Will my information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Your privacy is always assured. See our approach.

03. Taxes

Will you do the corporate tax return for our company?

No. We will provide all necessary financial statements to your company’s Accountant and correspond as needed to help him/her complete the year-end. We'll also post all the journal entries to the accounting software. 

04. Admin

Who follows up to obtain missing deal paperwork?

Our experienced Deal Administrators will follow up with agents to obtain any missing paperwork. Refer to our Deal Processing service.

Will you handle complaints we receive on our behalf?

No. However, we’re here to help and can certainly guide the Broker-Owner on how to handle complaints.

05. Deposits & Payments

How do our agents get paid?

We pay your agents via EFT. Refer to Accounting & Bookkeeping.

How does the Landlord get their cheques?

We will print the cheque and then you can choose between having us either 1) notify the agent or client to come to our office to pick it up, or 2) mail the cheque to the Landlord directly.  

Where do the deposits get dropped off?

Agents can drop their deposit cheques off at any one of our nine offices in the GTA —with our offices reaching as far as Barrie in the North, Oshawa in the East, and Burlington in the West. Or, agents can make a direct deposit and send verification of the deposit.

06. Financial Records

How often are my financial records prepared?

A financial package (including P&L Statement and Balance Sheet) is prepared for clients on a monthly basis. However, clients are welcome to request a different preparation frequency that meets their needs. Refer to Accounting & Bookkeeping.
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