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RealServus Brokerage Services Division is a brand of RealServus Holding Corporation. At RealServus, we enable real estate Broker-Owners to grow their brokerages by removing the administrative burden and delivering a complete brokerage service solution: showing management, deal processing and compliance oversight, accounting and bookkeeping, agent management, and administration.

Broker-Owners who invest significant time and resources in the ongoing management of a front and back office can have substantial opportunity costs. With the help of RealServus, they can focus instead on growth and realize opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our story

"I want to open a brokerage, but…
How will I handle the front and back office?
I don’t want to take on a big overhead.
Accounting is not my area of expertise."

Our story begins with the shared apprehension of aspiring Broker-Owners. Successful real estate entrepreneurs Howard Drukarsh and Ronald E. Peddicord had heard these reservations for years from Brokers and Team Leaders who dreamt of owning a brokerage. The thought of investing in resources and staff to manage a front and back office was daunting to many and deterred them from pursuing their dream.

Howard and Ronald had a solution. They spent years streamlining and refining a front and back office service for their successful Canadian brokerage and had the capacity to support others. In 2019, they founded RealServus Inc., an independent company offering complete end-to-end real estate brokerage services. The company leveraged over 50 years of combined industry experience to create a truly exceptional service. Relief and opportunity had arrived for the reluctant Broker and Team Leader!

RealServus has processed over 20,000 transactions from over 5,000 agents and freed up precious time for Broker-Owners across the GTA to focus on growth. The company is now led by accomplished President, John Lusink, and has since experienced exponential growth.

Our core values

Our principles guide every decision we make and every interaction we have with customers.

We build trust-based relationships by conducting ourselves honestly and ethically. We take ownership of everything we do and are always empowered to do the right thing.


We constantly strive for excellence to deliver real value for customers. We’re obsessed with quality and enabling growth. We maintain rigorous standards for
all of our work.


We care about those we work with and those we serve. We view everything we do from our customer’s perspective to ensure all decisions have their best interests at hand.


We love this industry and know it well. We’re relentless, driven, and proud of what we accomplish together. We enthusiastically embrace change and adapt with confidence.

We give back

RealServus is committed to giving back to the community. We proudly support these organizations:

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